At International Diamond Brokers HQ in Dublin, our customers often ask about the worlds famous diamond engagement rings – from the classics like the Elizabeth Taylor diamond and Jacqueline Kennedy’s diamond engagement ring (the wife of JFK) to more recent engagement rings such as the sapphire and cluster diamond ring worn by Kate Middleton.

We’ve put together some snippets of information about these  four famous engagement rings – we hope you find it insightful.

The Four Famous Engagement Rings

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond (formerly the Krupp Diamond) was purchased in 1968 by Richard Burton for Elizabeth Taylor during their first marriage. Although not strictly an engagement ring as they were already married when he bought it, this ring came to symbolise their marriage and love for each other. It was the one piece of jewellery she always wore. The diamond is a cut-cornered rectangular cut weighing a hefty 33.19 carat and is assessed as a D VS1. Its mounted in platinum with tapered baguette diamonds on the shoulders.

During a party, Princess Margaret, never noted for her tact, said that she thought the ring was “vulgar”. Taylor immediately offered to let her try the ring on. As Princess Margaret gazed at it in appreciation, Taylor quipped “not so vulgar now, is it?”

Princess Diana/Kate Middleton Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Kate Middleton Diamond Engagement Ring

The best known sapphire and diamond cluster ring in the world, this was simply an item of stock chosen from Garrard (the then Crown Jeweller), from a selection presented to her at Kensington Palace. Although the exact specifications are unknown, the centre stone is believed to be a 12.00 carat fine Ceylon sappphire surrounded by fourteen round brilliant cut diamonds. The gems are mounted in 18carat white gold (as opposed to platinum) and the ring was believed to have cost £28,500 in 1981 (hardly a Princely sum). It was inherited by Prince William who gave it as an engagement ring to Kate Middleton.

The ‘Bennifer’ Ring (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Jennifer Lopez has never been one to hide her wealth under a bushell. When she hooked up with Ben Affleck, the press had a field day with daily updates of their movements reported under the name “Bennifer”. Affleck has always been one for lavish gifts, once presenting Gwynth Paltrow with a diamond set Cartier Watch engraved with “Love is not love that alters” – not long before altering it. For Jennifer he was even more generous, presenting her with this 6.1 carat cushion cut natural fancy pink diamond. Estimates vary but its thought that he paid around $1.2m for it in 2002. After the marriage was cancelled, the ring found its way back to Harry Winston jewellers in New York where it was put on sale again.



Jacqueline Kennedy (and Jaqueline Onassis).

Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring from JFK

Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring from JFK

The former Miss Bouvier is noted for two famous rings. The first she received from John F Kennedy in 1953. Designed by Van Kleef and Arpels, it cnsisted of a 2.88 carat emerald cut diamond with a 2.83 carat emerald and some tapered baguette diamonds. It was redesigned after they married to include round brilliant and marquise cut diamonds totalling 2.12 carat.

She remarried in 1968 to the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. He presented her with a ring set with the 40.42carat Lesotho III diamond (a marquise cut diamond, one of three cut form the original 603 carat Lesotho Brown diamond). After her death the ring was sold at auction in 1996 for $2.59m (reputedly to an Irish buyer).

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