Are Diamond Engagement Rings Really Cheaper In Antwerp or New York?


Everyday someone must ask me as a diamond broker this question and my answer is always the same.The diamond market is like any other market there is a market price and that market price is the same in New York Antwerp or London.We have access to over a million diamonds worldwide and can see live prices from Mumbai to London.If … Read More

Is Fluorescence Important when buying the perfect diamond ring

Diamond Fluorescence is a much debated subject.Does it have an effect on  diamond?Is it something that one should be worried about when trying to purchase a diamond a create the perfect ring? We could go on forever on the subject but a good overall conclusion is as follows.If a diamond has slight or very slight or faint fluorescence there is … Read More

Diamonds for the perfect ring !

                 Diamonds have always been a favourite mainstay of most desired & worn jewellery throughout time immemorial ! There are as many different cuts of diamonds as there are shapes . The most desired shape & cut of diamond would be the round brilliant cut as it is the best for sparkle as … Read More

Have I got ‘DIAMOND NEWS’, for ‘YOU’, !!!

Beautiful claw set diamond eternity ring or wedding band!

Goodmorning once again to all jewellery enthusiasts !!! The perfect ring awaits you ! We have some new exquisite eternity diamond rings now in stock which make very beautiful additions to your wedding finger ! That’s certainly news to some men who think they are finished buying the obligatory rings after the engagement and wedding rings !!! Sorry guys ! … Read More

Good morning to all jewellery enthusiasts !

Z138 Brighter

Welcome to the world of International Diamond Brokers, where we will provide you with the best of jewellery design at wholesale prices & not just that but also the best advice when considering the purchase of any piece of jewellery whether diamond or other precious & semi-precious stones. When considering buying a ring for yourself, look at your fingers as … Read More

International Diamond Brokers

Peter Fitzpatrick founded International Diamond Brokers in 2008 after identifying an opportunity to deal directly with some of the worlds largest diamond suppliers, allowing him to provide high quality diamonds at significant  discounts against retail prices. Utilising international retail contacts, Peter has worked tirelessly to deliver a quality service and product to customers. Stones are selected and individually checked and … Read More

Diamond Brands and What They Mean

Diamonds are one of the few products that simply cannot be ‘branded.’ Even though there are different cuts, different grades, and different values placed on each and every diamond in existence, no diamond is any specific brand – just as gold is not a specific brand. Branding is actually based on who owns the diamond. For instance, if DeBeers owns … Read More