Loose Diamonds from diamond mines

People often think that diamond mines must make a fortune from the loose diamonds they mine.They think that the profits from uncut diamonds must be massive.The reality is more different. Did you know that 85 per cent of the diamonds that are mined are only suitable for Industry.This leaves us with 15 per cent available for the jewellery industry and … Read More

Diamond prices and currency fluctuations

At the time of writing Britain has voted to leave the European Union.Sterling has slipped considerable against the euro and the dollar.Diamonds like oil are priced in dollars and therefore Jewellery prices will rise in the UK as suppliers are having to pay close to 20 per cent more than previously for their stock and therefore will have to pass … Read More

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo As the name suggests is a solitaire with a ring of diamonds around it.The ring makes the centre diamond appear larger than it actually is.There are various types of halo rings  and these can be made with any diamond but the round brilliant cut halo ring is probably the most popular. The Halo ring is usually quite raised to … Read More

Eternity Rings

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The eternity diamond ring, the perfect ring to go beside your engagement & wedding ring. In most cases nowadays ladies are more inclined to wear the half eternity ring which for some makes more sense as the diamonds or other stones go halfway or three quarters way round the finger because if it’s a full eternity band you cannot resize … Read More

Sapphires grandeur !

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Diamonds as we know have a hardness level of 10 on the Mohs Scale & after that we have sapphires & rubies which have a hardness level of 9. Sapphires are listed in the precious  stone group, unlike the amethysts & garnets  which are classed as semi-precious stones. Sapphires are known as corundum aswell which is a particular rock formation … Read More