Sapphires grandeur !

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Diamonds as we know have a hardness level of 10 on the Mohs Scale & after that we have sapphires & rubies which have a hardness level of 9. Sapphires are listed in the precious  stone group, unlike the amethysts & garnets  which are classed as semi-precious stones. Sapphires are known as corundum aswell which is a particular rock formation … Read More

Are Diamond Engagement Rings Really Cheaper In Antwerp or New York?


Everyday someone must ask me as a diamond broker this question and my answer is always the same.The diamond market is like any other market there is a market price and that market price is the same in New York Antwerp or London.We have access to over a million diamonds worldwide and can see live prices from Mumbai to London.If … Read More

Is Fluorescence Important when buying the perfect diamond ring

Diamond Fluorescence is a much debated subject.Does it have an effect on  diamond?Is it something that one should be worried about when trying to purchase a diamond a create the perfect ring? We could go on forever on the subject but a good overall conclusion is as follows.If a diamond has slight or very slight or faint fluorescence there is … Read More

Diamonds for the perfect ring !

                 Diamonds have always been a favourite mainstay of most desired & worn jewellery throughout time immemorial ! There are as many different cuts of diamonds as there are shapes . The most desired shape & cut of diamond would be the round brilliant cut as it is the best for sparkle as … Read More

Have I got ‘DIAMOND NEWS’, for ‘YOU’, !!!

Beautiful claw set diamond eternity ring or wedding band!

Goodmorning once again to all jewellery enthusiasts !!! The perfect ring awaits you ! We have some new exquisite eternity diamond rings now in stock which make very beautiful additions to your wedding finger ! That’s certainly news to some men who think they are finished buying the obligatory rings after the engagement and wedding rings !!! Sorry guys ! … Read More

Good morning to all jewellery enthusiasts !

Z138 Brighter

Welcome to the world of International Diamond Brokers, where we will provide you with the best of jewellery design at wholesale prices & not just that but also the best advice when considering the purchase of any piece of jewellery whether diamond or other precious & semi-precious stones. When considering buying a ring for yourself, look at your fingers as … Read More

Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring. The smart groom-to-be does his research before buying his fiancée a diamond ring! There are more styles and cuts to choose from than ever before. It’s not enough to be educated about the four Cs of diamonds – cut, color, clarity and carats. Now there are all types of diamond cuts and settings to choose from. … Read More