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Quality Diamonds

Peter Fitzpatrick founded International Diamond Brokers in 2008 after identifying an opportunity to deal directly with some of the worlds largest diamond suppliers, allowing us to provide high quality diamonds at a discount to retail prices.

The thinking behind the venture was also that meetings would be private and unhurried and more enjoyable for the customer.Enabling customers to choose their perfect ring without the distractions of high street shopping.

Utilizing international contacts we work tirelessly to deliver a quality service and product to our customers. Stones and gems are selected and individually for each customers needs reflecting desin requirements quality and available budgets. With our on site goldsmith we can make you anything using the highest quality gold and side stones.

High Quality DiamondsAt International Diamond Brokers we strive to achieve only the very best for our customers, we source the best quality diamonds using industry scientific guidelines for evaluating, delivering the highest quality and deal only in conflict free diamonds.

All of International Diamond Broker’s Diamonds come with GIA certificates and those from The IGI and the HRD