Eternity Rings

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The eternity diamond ring, the perfect ring to go beside your engagement & wedding ring. In most cases nowadays ladies are more inclined to wear the half eternity ring which for some makes more sense as the diamonds or other stones go halfway or three quarters way round the finger because if it’s a full eternity band you cannot resize … Read More

Sapphires grandeur !

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Diamonds as we know have a hardness level of 10 on the Mohs Scale & after that we have sapphires & rubies which have a hardness level of 9. Sapphires are listed in the precious  stone group, unlike the amethysts & garnets  which are classed as semi-precious stones. Sapphires are known as corundum aswell which is a particular rock formation … Read More

Are Diamond Engagement Rings Really Cheaper In Antwerp or New York?


Everyday someone must ask me as a diamond broker this question and my answer is always the same.The diamond market is like any other market there is a market price and that market price is the same in New York Antwerp or London.We have access to over a million diamonds worldwide and can see live prices from Mumbai to London.If … Read More

Is Fluorescence Important when buying the perfect diamond ring

Diamond Fluorescence is a much debated subject.Does it have an effect on  diamond?Is it something that one should be worried about when trying to purchase a diamond a create the perfect ring? We could go on forever on the subject but a good overall conclusion is as follows.If a diamond has slight or very slight or faint fluorescence there is … Read More